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Reds @ Marlins - 1:05 PM

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Probable Starters:



Brandon Claussen

0-1 5.40 ERA




Brian Moehler

1-0 2.13 ERA


Scouting Report:

Claussen waited through the first 12 games of the season to make his first appearance of '05. Much to his delight, he won't have to wait nearly as long for his second start. In his first outing Tuesday, Claussen had a few hiccups against the Cubs. He gave up four runs (three earned) on seven hits in five innings of work, though he did strike out six batters.


Moehler takes on his former team. Moehler, who has filled in nicely as the fifth starter, logged his first win since August 2002 in his last start, a 6-3 win over the Nationals. Moehler went the necessary five innings, giving up one run at RFK Stadium.


Rally Scene:



Scouting reports courtesy of mlb.com "Probable Pitchers" section.

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I am bored so I am going to tell you guys something that happened to me at Spring Training...

I am going to make this quick :lol


I went to Jupiter to give Ryan Jorgensen those pictures I took of him. It was raining that day so he wasnt in the back fields so I asked someone by the Marlins Clubhouse where I could find Ryan. He told me to walk in the doors and ask the lady at the desk :) Well while I was waiting for Jorg. Dillon, Moehler and a dozen other players walked right by me (2 feet from me). Moehler (I think it was him) was on his cell phone talking to his wife.. he kept saying I love you honey :lol It was so cute


And on top of that the lady at the desk gave us 2 free tickets to the game :notworthy


Thats all ;)

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Pretty cool Holly. You were in what I'd call Heaven on Earth -- the Marlins clubhouse.



:lol Yep

Dillon kept walking back and forth for about 10 minutes :lol The first time I saw him I didnt know who it was but then I looked at his eyes.. Dillon has HUGE blue eyes :lol



I only went to the front desk because I couldnt go into the clubhouse ;)

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