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Travis Smith

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The guy helped us win a game tonight.


What else can you ask?


Clearly the Marlins philosophy this season is to load up on arms with major league experience and run them in an inning at a time as opposed to last season when guys like GF and Howard and fillintheblank were called upon with little hope of lasting success.


Smith has been around long enough to understand what his role is. He's the mopup guy, and if he can provide innings when called upon, the team is better off having him.

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B/c of pulpo going down and bump playing well, smith is now the bottom of the bullpen guy. So far our bullpen has performed well b/c everyone has done what theyve been asked to do. Mecir and jones (except for that mets game he allowed 2 runs in) have been very solid in their roles. As has mota. Bump is mckeons workhorse this year, and hes been doing well pithcing the 7th as well. So now we have smith to mop up whether its a big lead or a big deficit. He'll perform fine in that role. Last years problem was that people like manzanillo were being called upon to pitch setup or to even close (philly series)

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