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Should the Marlins promote a vet or a rookie

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Is kid like Chris Resop ready? what about Mike Flannery? or Randall Messanger?


or should they bring a vets like Ben Howard or Ariel Prieto...how about Frank Castillo?


Should they through a kid from AA into the fire as a closer or set-up man?


or go with what they have and bring up another vet to add to the bullpen, not to take over the closer position just a another spot in the bully.


my position is we've seen what the Howards of the world have to offer...bring up a kid

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Are we that quick to dismiss Todd Jones?



I don't think it's that somuch... mostly just support guys who can pitch a 7th or 8th iff needed, & MAY be able to close too. Todd Jones said himself it'll be an adjustment to see if he's up to the task of being available to close most games.


Jones did a fine job getting his first save & I hope he can hold the job while Mota's out. But we can certainly use any help we can get. With Alfie out too the pen is really hurting.

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It makes one wonder why they didn't just wait to hear the news on Mota before sending Smith down.


because they would need to call someone up anyway, so this way Crowell joins the team quicker and jack wont need to be a man short too long.

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Nine times out of ten, the rook simply for his development and immediate and future help to the club. However, I don't see how the kid will stick with the club with some kind of combination of Mota, Alfonseca, Jones, Mecir, Reidling, Spooney, Perisho, and Bump and Moehler and Valdez around this year. Don't see where they'll get innings to pitch. And as a Rosey (and Wiley too, btw) supporter, feel they don't gain much from any coaching change.


I guess rotate the spot(s) for what help is needed and how the options are performing. The upcoming games are pretty important, couple against potential contenders. None with a lot of lefthanded threats. None with a righthand-stacked lineup. Nothing to go on there. If only we had a knuckleballer in the system to throw some of these contender's batters into a slump. If what they say is actually true.

There's two off-days this week and three others later this month. Not to mention the break the bullpen has gotten from the rain. With such a light schedule, I'd like to see the roster spot go to a hitter. Wilson Delgado or Derek Wathan would be an excellent choice given Castillo's hammy and Gonzalez and Lowell's hitting. And who knows, maybe if they do well, the front office might realize a certain player is worth letting go (hint: see sig).

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We should promote one of the younger guys to the bigs. I'd like to see Randy Messenger or Miadich come up. I think either of those guys could prove to be much better than Crowell and Smith. We'll be without El Pulpo for two months, so whichever of those two guys does best we can keep after Mota comes back in a few weeks.

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