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Fritz's review of Moe's

Guest Fritz

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Guest Fritz

Alright, I had an interview at Circuit City today and after that I was hungry as fudge so I decided to grab some food. I was gonna go to Chipotle but it was too far away and it's raining like a motherf***er. I drop by Moe's to give it a shot and order a "Homewrecker" burrito. I got it with black beans, rice, their laim salsa, sour cream, lettuce, cheese, and chicken.


Anyway, I sit down and grab a drink and I try to do my usual Chipotle drink which is a half-sweet tea, half-lemonade Arnold Palmer, but the lemonade wasn't working. I had some of the sweet tea, but it sucks major ass. I get pissed then just have a Coke. So I get down to the nitty gritty with the burrito. I like the presentation with the chips that are also my HS colors which is pretty kewl. I eat the burrito and I'm a bit unimpressed. It's pretty good, but after Chipotle it leaves a little to be desired. The rice and beans were pretty tight. The chicken was average and everything else was more or less below average.




Chips = Awesome

Chicken = Average

Rice = Pretty sweet

Everything else = Below Average

Price = More than Chipotle = :bsflag


If I never had Chipotle, I'd rate Moe's as:


:hat :hat :hat :hat /5


Since I've had Chipotle, I'd rate Moe's as:


:hat 1/2 /5

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You fellas just don't know.


If you are going to get the homewrecker, you have to also get it with their special ranch sauce (its not just ranch) and some hot sauce too. If you don't, then the burrito is just not complete.


Moes>Chipolte with the sauce combo.


Also jalapenos.

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