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2005 MLB All-Star Game Thread


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National League All-Stars (40-33-2)





American League All-Stars (33-40-2)


***Comerica Park***



Game Information:

Date: Tuesday, July 12th

Time: 7:00 CT

TV: Fox


Starting Pitchers:



Mark Buerhle and Chris Carpenter will start the ASG!



National League Starting Lineup:



PlayerAVGHRsRBIRunsAbreu, RF.307185862Beltr?n, LF.266104438Pujols, DH.337226970Lee, 1B.378277269Edmonds, CF.272165145Ramirez, 3B.298155747Kent, 2B.304156051Piazza, C.26093628Eckstein, SS.28422446

Scott Rolen will be replaced in the lineup by Aramis Ramirez


National League Reserves:

PlayerAVGHRsRBIRunsLo Duca, C.28623426Castillo, 2B.33121747L?pez, SS.304144849Rollins, SS.27372354Ensberg, 3B.290246553Alou, OF.316124143Bay, OF.299164459Cabrera, OF.333176259Gonz?lez, OF.283125153Jones, OF.272276750Lee, OF.268227649

Jimmy Rollins replaces Cesar Izturis, Morgan Ensberg replaces Scott Rolen


National League Starting Pitchers:


National League Relief Pitchers:

PitcherW-L/SVERAKIPCordero2-1, 31/341.134247.2Fuentes1-3, 12/142.414741.0Isringhausen0-1, 25/271.782630.1Lidge3-2, 20/232.435737.0Wagner2-1, 20/222.184141.1

Billy Wagner replaces Pedro Martinez



American League Starting Lineup:



PlayerAVGHRsRBIRunsDamon, CF.34344265Rodr?guez, 3B.317237265Ortiz, DH.314217563Ram?rez, LF.275228053Tejada, SS.329196255Guerrero, RF.335155148Teixeira, 1B.290257367Varitek, C.301133639Roberts, 2B.345154956


American League Reserves

PlayerAVGHRsRBIRunsRodr?guez, C.29263242Konerko, 1B.249205552Sweeney, 1B.318114328Soriano, 2B.275215660Young, SS.333144766Mora, 3B.298154749Anderson, OF.304116545Sheffield, OF.298176858Suzuki, OF.31163260Podsednik, OF.29401750Hillenbrand, DH.30294256

Matt Clement replaces Roy Halladay


American League Starting Pitchers:


American League Relief Pitchers:

PitcherW-L/SVERAKIPB?ez5-2, 13/192.682837.0Duchscherer4-1, 4/61.494648.1Nathan1-3, 25/283.435039.1Rivera4-2, 20/221.013935.2Ryan1-2, 19/222.525939.1Wickman0-2, 23/262.731633.0



NL and AL Stats are updated through Sunday the 10th.

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Guest FlummoxedLummox

How did you make those tables? Very impressive thread.


NL's lineup can't compare to the AL's. This should be a cake walk for the American Leaguers.

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La Russa asks his All-Stars "to care"


DETROIT - As their private, 18-passenger business jet, complete with a bed and a walk-in shower, sped east in the early hours of Monday morning, the Cardinals' All-Star contingent, consisting of players, coaches and one manager, relaxed and told stories. Yes, the manager held court and told stories.


"It was nice we got to hang out," said All-Star center fielder Jim Edmonds, who set the wheels in motion for the plane that spirited the Cardinals out of San Francisco after they had been saddled with an unpopular Sunday night game for ESPN television. They landed in Detroit after 5 a.m. Monday.


"Anytime you get around baseball people, it's special," Edmonds said. "Tony had some stories and (pitching coach Dave Duncan) was talking and they were actually talking about our team and what was going on and if we were happy. We had a good time."


But, in the midst of the banter, La Russa stood up and addressed his team's stars about a salient issue that will arise tonight - the 76th midsummer All-Star Game. He noted that the National League, his league now, hadn't won since 1996, whether home-field advantage for the World Series was at stake or not.


"He was making jokes like, 'Guys, can we please end this losing streak on Tuesday?'" Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols said. "He said, 'I'm sick and tired of the American League winning every time.'


"You know Tony. He's a winner. That's why he's a future Hall of Famer. He never takes anything for granted. And I admire that. You're not supposed to take this game for granted. There are a lot of people watching you. There are a lot of people making a lot of money in this game, and you want to do the best you can and not disrespect this game. You have to admire that.


"He has to take this game seriously. Everybody here has to take this game seriously."


[More in URL]


Also the article let's out some news that is interesting..


1st Inn: Chris Carpenter

2nd Inn: John Smoltz

3rd Inn: Roy Oswalt

4th Inn: Roger Clemens

5th Inn: Livan Hernandez

6th Inn: Dontrelle Willis

7th Inn: Chad Cordero

8th Inn: Billy Wagner

9th Inn: Brad Lidge


Extra Innings:

Jake Peavy


One Batter Pitcher/Or Not Pitch at all:

Brian Fuentes


Probably will be outta game:

Jason Isringhausen "La Russa said Isringhausen had some stiffness and Duncan said Isringhausen really hadn't expressed strong interest in pitching anyway."


Derrek Lee/Albert Pujols/DH-1B News:

"I would think the trainers and the Cubs would want three at-bats tops for Derrek," La Russa said.


La Russa also mentioned that Albert will probably move to 1B later in the game.


(Interesting stuff there and the pitcher would occupy the DH spot if Albert moves to first. Being talked about as PH's are Luis Gonzalez, Carlos Lee, and Jason Bay.)

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