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Some of my Memorabilia Collection


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Row 1: Scott Kazmir, Andre Dawson, Carl Crawford, Mark Prior.

Row 2: Lou Brock "HOF 85", Dontrelle Willis "R.O.Y.", 2004 Mets/ Tom Glavine, Miguel Tejada.

Row 3: Juan Pierre, Torii Hunter, Bob Feller "HOF 62, 107.9 MPH", Livan Hernandez.


Row 1: Andruw Jones, Chipper Jones, Hanley Ramirez

Row 2: Roy Halladay"cy 03", Brooks Robinson, Ivan Rodriguez

Row 3: Javy Lopez, Luis Tiant, Fergueson Jenkins "HOF 91"



Row 1: 2001 Marlins, Earl Weaver "HOF 96", 2004 Marlins, Miguel Cabrera

Row 2: Manny Ramirez, Tommy Lasorda, Tony Perez, Orlando Cepeda "HOF 99"



Row 1: Mike Schmidt, Melvin Mora, Justin Verlander

Row 2: 2001 Orioles, Sandy Alomar, Juan Pierre






Miguel Cabrera signed 8x10 W.S. 03



Josh Beckett signed 8x10 W.S. 03 Game 6



Ken Griffey Jr. signed 16x20

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