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Greatest Metal Band Nomination Thread


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Alright, I see all these rap and rock and band and guitarst threads about who's the best. But where's the Metal Love? Rules are simple for nominations.


1) You can nominate as many bands as you want.

2) Please make sure it's a Metal band. I know Led Zeppelin is the greatest band ever (they're one of my favorites) but I can't bring myself to call them metal. They're more like hard Rock. If there is deliberation on whether or not the band is metal, well, we'll figure something out, like have a mini poll or something. :D

3) Get your nominees in before today, next week. Polls Start next Thursday.


To start off, I'm going to toss in two bands to get you guys started.




At The Gates

Black Sabbath

Darkest Hour

Def Leppard



Dream Theater



Iced Earth

Iron Maiden

Judas Priest



Motley Crue





Quiot Riot



Suicidal Tendancies

Twisted Sister




Guns N Roses

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Guest Juanky



Since I guess there needs to be a competition, throw Godsmack and Iron Maiden in there too. And we going to break it up more? Like best metal frontman, best drummer, best guitarist, best bassist, etc? That'd be cool.


And yes, Black Sabbath is metal.

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Guest Juanky

I always thought of GnR as more of rock and roll


Good call on AC/DC though, Beetle. Forgot about them for a second since they play so much on Big 105.9

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This doesnt seem to be much of a challenge. The only band that can probably give Metaillca a challenge is ACDC. The only problem is that metallica has like twice as many good songs as ACDC which means 4-5 times more than the other bands



Have you ever listened to Judas Priest? Megadeth? Iron Maiden? Motorhead? There are a lot of other great metal bands out there.

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