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WJFK in Baltimore is reporting that the Orioles and Marlins have agreed in principle on a trade. The trades works out with the Orioles getting AJ Burnett, Mike Lowell, and Eric Reed for Sidney Ponson, Admin Bigbie, Jorge Julio and Steve Kline, and the Orioles are paying$6 million of Ponson's contract. WOW, this is a shocker

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WJFK-AM in Baltimore eh? That is an ESPN Radio affiliate...but was it a local program?



i hope that's true i like it



you have no idea what you are talking about and the message such a trade would send, right? you just want to make a trade because trades are exciting? :thumbdown

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Guest FlummoxedLummox

wow freaking unbelievable! well atleast we got more than the other offer thas was on the table


More what? Garbage?

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Guest Moneyball

Ponson blows.

Kline blows.

Julio blows in pressure situations.


the money issue looks good for the fish though.



umm im pretty sure steve kline does not blow! he was an allstar this year! hes doin great




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