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This is it right here in this week


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Ok we are not the best road team as everyone knows!! But we now have a 11 game road trip and play Wsh(4) Phi(3) and Hou(4)!! I think this is the biggest road trip of the year since we now play all the top teams in the NL wild card race!! I think this might be pushing it but i say we have to go 8-3 on this trip or 7-4!! I really think we can get to the post season! what does everyone else think?(hope to hear all your repiles)

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Check your standings - look how many teams in the NL have a winning record on the road - I believe it's ONE - the Cardinals.


It's gut-check time for the Marlins - they better play flawless and insane baseball from here on out because the numbers state (based on the home-road schedule remaining) that we will be sitting on the outside looking in come October - we need a serious baseball miracle here.


Time to start playing with some serious HEART, Marlins. This is it.................go get 'em!


This is why they play ----------- this is why we watch!!!!!!!!!!!



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