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An Open Letter To Josh Beckett


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Dear Mister Beckett,


I know I like to call you Mr. Glass, Bonehead, the resident of my doghouse, Blister Bucks, and DL-4-EVA....but now that the time has come where you may go to another team, I feel bad. You offered us excellent performances over the years, as stubborn and boneheaded as you may be sometimes about pitching injured and not taking care of yourself, you have been a very important member of this community. We sincerely hope you can stay. (I am sure you'd want to stay after looking at the ERAs in the Ballpark in Arlington.)


You're a good man Josh Beckett. Never forget it, because we never will. The image on October 25th, 2003 will forever be the one associated with you. Hopefully they will find a way to keep you around and allow you to make some more of those Kodak moments with us.



Robert Garcia

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The two clubs set a 48-hour deadline Sunday to work out a deal before Tuesday. It's unclear if that deadline is set in stone. One reason for the delay on Sunday was that Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, who is in Europe, was not easily accessible. This is a unique trade because it is being negotiated by the owners of both clubs.


KEEP SOME HOPE MAN!! Got to have hope with this team!

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