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Britney & Kevin No More?


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Did Brit Dropkick K. Fed? The fighting Federlines; Plus, Brad and Angelina take their romance to a new level and much more ...


Dec. 5, 2005 Is Kevin Federline in danger of being drummed out of the lifestyle to which he's so easily become accustomed? Rumors are a-bubbling that the work-allergic, nightlife-loving, he-capri-sporting wannabe rapper is in the doghouse with his meal ticket missus, Britney Spears.


It seems on Wednesday, Britney ordered her hubby out of their deluxe Malibu digs after a "blazing row," reports the New York Daily News. Federline was apparently forced to rough it at the tony Beverly Hills Hotel.


According to the Star, the clash was sparked after a pal of K. Fed's with an apparent fondness for herbal refreshment (and we're not referring to chamomile tea) showed up at their mansion.


"... Britney turned around and fired two of her longtime security guards for letting what she called 'the weedman' into the house," a mole tells the mag. "She just seemed crazy with anger."


The Daily News reports that just hours after allegedly giving Federline the heave-ho, the semi-retired pop starlet burned off steam by shaking her groove thing with some girlfriends at L.A. hotspot LAX, where she mingled with the ubiquitous Johnny Knoxville and quaffed Red Bull and Grey Goose.


"She was laughing and carrying on like she didn't have a care in the world," an insider recalls to the Star.


Two days later, says the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Britster celebrated her 24th birthday in Sin City, a place that probably holds a few less-than-fond memories for her, what with her quickly annulled marriage to childhood chum Jason Alexander (who's now looking pretty darn good by comparison).


Britney reportedly booked three rooms at the Wynn Resort in Vegas -- one for her, one for her ever-present mom, Lynn, and another for two-month-old son Sean Preston and his nanny.


Kevin winged into town over the weekend, "apparently hoping to reconcile their bumpy marriage," says the paper. He was snapped out at a local hotspot Sunday night.


Britney is also said to be sporting a new accessory, swapping her wedding ring for a bauble bedecked with a skull and crossbones (she must have a soft spot for the design -- she reportedly picked up a bejeweled, Jolly Roger-festooned pacifier for her Feder-spawn).


So what's at the root of the d?class? duo's purported problems? Spears, who the Insider says just passed on the titular role in the Broadway production of "Sweet Charity," has seemingly grown frustrated with being home with Sean while father-of-three Federline (he has two small children with ex Shar Jackson) whoops it up.


The Daily News claims he's also ignored his wife's repeated requests that they go for counseling, while In Touch says she recently spent some time on the therapist's couch during her mid-November trip to New York.


"Part of her problem is the baby blues -- she loves her baby boy more than anything, but she's just sad most of the time," a "friend" tells the magazine. "But the other part of her problem is Kevin. He hasn't really been the husband she hoped for."


But did Britney drive that point home by taking away one of his favorite toys? Shortly after photos surfaced of Federline's Ferrari being hauled away on a flatbed truck, London's trashtastic News of the World posited that the irate singer had returned the $200,000-plus vehicle to the dealer. According to Us Weekly, however, Federline bought the car himself with his part of the proceeds from their craptacular reality show, "Chaotic."


"Britney has gone through hell and back recently with Kevin," a source tells the tab. "[she] has given him a lot of space but he's been taking advantage and doesn't seem to care. She's called in the lawyers because she's had enough."


Most outlets, however, are predicting a quick reconciliation for the uncultured couple, who wed in September 2004, and, unlike Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, signed a prenup that reportedly guarantees Kevin $300,000-a-year for half the number of years they're married (you do the math).


Perhaps Kevin will get back into Britney's good graces by using some of the romantic moves he recently shared with GQ, which named him one of its Men of the Year.


"I'll call up the [bleeping] florist before I get a hotel room for us and have them stock it with flowers and a card saying something," says Kevin, whom the mag dubbed, "American Husband: Trophy Edition." "You've got to keep it interesting, man."







Gosh, I hope so.

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Guest FishFanInPA

LOS ANGELES ? DEVELOPING STORY: A judge on Monday ordered Britney Spears to turn over custody of her two children to ex-husband Kevin Federline this week.


Superior Court Judge Scott M. Gordon ruled that Federline will take custody of Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, beginning Wednesday "until further order of the court."


Earlier this month, Gordon said Spears engaged in "habitual, frequent and continuous use of controlled substances and alcohol" and ordered her to undergo random drug and alcohol testing twice a week as part of her ongoing custody dispute with Federline.


Spears also was previously ordered to meet weekly with a "parenting coach" who was to observe and report back to the court about her parenting skills. Both Spears and Federline must complete the court's "Parenting Without Conflict" class.


Spears, 25, and Federline, 29, were wed in October 2004. She filed for divorce last November and it became official in July. The two have joint custody of their sons, but Federline is seeking a greater share of custody.

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