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Time Is On My Side...


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Last year to the minute was my "final" post on this site, but with all the changes to the team and the world I wanted to say a few things.

After enjoying the incredible season of 2003 most of us knew things could never top that moment in time but who could have predicted this?

Remembering the original fire-sale was always hard but this is just a shame, the local gov. should have had a stadium in line back in late 03!

Renovating the OB site was atleast an idea, it should have worked and the fact people still blame the Marlins for its demise is idiotic.

Yet another insult is the fact Evil H. Wayne may be our omg-savior is a mushroom stamp in the face if you ask me, but atleast it would keep us in state...


Someone needs to step up, this team and its loyal ( HA HA HA cuz theres like 10 of us ) fans shouldn't be treated like 2 dolla whores.

Under better situations we praise Beinfest for making some incredible value trades, too bad all the stadium hoopla and politics ruins an impressive overhaul.

Can this team win in 06? No. But Miguel and Dontrelle will be joined by Shadez Ramirez and a bounty of young SP for years to come.

Killing the imaginary fanbase with the salary dumps was a great plan, either we start over in Florida or we gift wrap a dynamic young team for our new home.

Sometimes change is for the best and we should just move on, sometimes things should just stay the way they are...


:pimp © *leaves again knowing Team Awesome has everything under control*

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