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Marlins sign C Miguel Olivo


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scouting report from ESPN.com

Scouting Report

2004 Season

Miguel Olivo was obtained in June from the Chicago White Sox as part of the trade that sent pitcher Freddy Garcia to the Windy City. Olivo, for all of his upside, wasn't exactly a hit in his half season in Seattle. In fact, he didn't hit much at all. He batted .200 with the Mariners and suffered through a 0-for-31 slump late in the season. Olivo didn't shine on defense, either, where he had trouble with passed balls and blocking balls in the dirt.



Olivo is a bit of a free swinger, a trait that started to manifest itself even before he came to Seattle. During his aforementioned slump, he appeared to be overmatched at the plate, especially by pitchers with power arms. He also was prone to chasing balls out of the strike zone, especially during his slump. But scouts feel that Olivo will develop into a 20-homer man. He showed some pop in 2004 with gap power, which should play well at spacious Safeco Field.


Baserunning & Defense

Olivo is blessed with a strong and accurate arm. His quick release makes it tough to steal on him. His problems come with blocking balls in the dirt. He had nine passed balls in just 49 games with Seattle. Scouts felt he wasn't moving his feet fast enough and that he got away from what he was doing in Chicago. Some have questioned his pitch-calling abilities, as well. Olivo is a good athlete and an aggressive baserunner.


2005 Outlook

In trading away Freddy Garcia, the Mariners felt they were getting a frontline catcher to replace Dan Wilson. They still feel that way, even after Olivo slumped in the field and at the plate during his half season with Seattle. The Mariners contend he's an All-Star in the making, one who will supplant Wilson this season. He's 26 and coming into his prime, but he still needs to show improvement in several areas, both at and behind the plate.

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