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Pat Riley's mother dead


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I guess this means we are winning game 1 for sure.


Reall sorry for Pat. I know it's been nagging at him for a while. I'm happy he was able to spend time with her before she passed.



Is that really necessary? Come on, I'm just implying the team will try to win the game for him.


Don't ruin the thread, damnit.

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AP reporting that Riley was with the team this morning for practice and that HE will be back to coach the team on Saturday night for Game 1 vs. the Chicago Bulls


damn i hate quoting myself but AP now reporting that Riley has not and will not leave Miami before Game 1, he will be with the team today and tomm. and coach Game 1 as for Game 2...that hasn't be decided


MIAMI ? (AP) ? Miami Heat coach Pat Riley will be with his team for Game 1 of the Miami's Eastern Conference quarterfinal on Saturday, despite the death of his 96-year-old mother, Mary.


Riley ran the team's practice Friday after learning of his mother's death. He was not available for comment following practice, but the team said he would remain South Florida and coach the game.


Riley spent four days earlier this week in upstate New York with his mother.




that is the ap story

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Just like my mom always says...


"Don't be sad and depressed when I die, I'll be up in heaven jumping from cloud to cloud."


Just know she is in a better place and she is having the most fun she has ever had, Riles.

That is very nice. Never heard that before. Condolences to the Riles fam.

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