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As Jacobs Goes Go The Fish?


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I was looking at his numbers in games we win and loose and it was pretty interesting....



AVG: .171

OBP: .314

RBI: 4

Runs: 2

HR: 1




AVG: .222

OBP: .444

RBI: 8


HR: 2


His average isnt to high in the wins but its alot lower in the losses.

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Guest Juanky

Well, he had a homer and 3 RBIs in a game we lost 9-3, so I don't think Jacobs has much to do with our success right now.


How do Cabs' splits look?

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i bet if you look at all the players 9 out of 10 hit better in wins than in loses. it is just common sense if a team hits they win they don't they lose. what gives you a better chance of winning guys going 0/4 or 3/4? also if jacobs is getting hits against a guy it means the guys probably stinks so everyone will hit off of him.

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Guest FlummoxedLummox

Jacobs just hasnt be consistent and hes been expose to his weakness. He needs to patch that out in the cage and once he gets going more production in that part of the lineup will occur.



lol, he said strokes

A poster on the Red Sox board was charging $1.75 for STROKES...and I thought that was a good deal.

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