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This is what kills me about Herges

Heywood Jablowme

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What is exactly wrong with his baby? Was there problems during birth, or complications afterward? Premature? I honestly havent heard whats wrong.



Induced the birth because of a breech, and then the poor boy caught pneumonia because his lungs were not completely developed. They put him in a coma to help him heal, he is better and they are still slowly taking him out of the coma. Someone said on the radio today the child still has a 50/50 chance of survival. Two weeks ago it was a lot less.

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Who was the poorly performing player from last year that people tried to defend for his personal reasons?


Seriously, I forget.


Matt Perisho.

What was his deal?



I remember people defending Castro in 2004? :lol

I don't remember the details, but he was in a car accident during the offseason and then showed up to spring training with a double chin and a huge pot belly and as a result he didn't have the stamina to throw more than 3 pitches before giving up grand slams and walkoff home runs everynight.

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Only that the accident occured weeks before spring training, one in which he had his first guaranteed major league contract in years, and had to be a very serious side-effect to have bloated him to that size from what he [should have] trained for in the offseason

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