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Next week of starting rotation set


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Sunday vs. BOS - JJ

Monday vs. WAS - Nolasco

Tuesday vs. WAS - Olsen

Wednesday vs. WAS - Willis

Thursday vs. WAS - Sanchez

Friday vs. NYM - JJ

Saturday vs. NYM Game 1 - Nolasco

Saturday vs. NYM Game 2 - Pinto

Sunday vs. NYM - Olsen






I think Sanchez will do better when he knows he's going to start, it's a bit hard to be thrown to the wolves so early like he was today. I know if you're a pitcher you have to be ready to go at any time, but when you're a rookie pitcher it's even harder. Can't wait to see Pinto have a start either. I guess he'll be able to pitch the next few days in relief as well if needed.

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I'm wondering out loud what the effect of all the injuries (Amezega, Uggla, Jacobs and possibly Moehler), has on the ownership/front office thinking regarding the upcoming trade deadline and their perception of our chances in 2006?


Having to rush up Sanchez and now Pinto, may signal a "wait til next year" attitude which isn't the worst thing that could happen to this franchise if they can play respectable baseball the rest of this summer and perhaps make a trade or two to improve the team overall.


For example, were the FO to conclude that they were out of it in both the division and wildcard races, it might make it easier for them to trade pitching to Cincinnati for a kid like Denorfia and bring him up immediately to give him a half season to adjust to MLB, or similar trades with other out of the division contending clubs.


Things are going to be clearer after the Washington and then New York series and will make decision-making alot easier for the front office.

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I am guessing this is Anibal's and Pinto's chance to make the 5th starter. Lets see who wins that spot. I wonder why Petit didnt get called up. Anyone know why?




caues he needs to work on his control yet, he was walking way to many guys when he was in the bigs, once he gets that settled then he will be ready.

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