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Who knows wine?

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I happen to a know quite a bit about wine, from my days bartending while in College at a restaurant with other 500 different types of bottles of wine. What kind of red would you like ? Something light like a Pinot Noir or Heavy like a Cab ? Is this for a one time use to pair with a certain meal , or just a good, solid wine you can drink whenever ?

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Guest Fritz

Either Glen Ellen or Sutter's Home White Zinfandel.



Goes with everything. Light and fruity tasting. A great addition to any meal.


White Zinfandel?


Do you want his date to think he's gay?

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nothing beats a good rioja


I usually go for either Chilean, French or Spanish wine because you really CANT go wrong with those, a good Merlot or Cabaret Sauvignon are usually my selections. I am an avid wine drinker and I usually spend a little time while buying my wine, nothing too old or too young and nothing cheaper than 10 bucks

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