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2006 MLB All-Star Game

Guest FishFanInPA

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I hope Uggla gets into the game. I don't have any concerns about Cabs getting PT but Uggla is a question mark.


i think uggla gets some PT cause he is the only other 2B on the NL roster

that and it would be a crime against baseball to not put into the game the only rule 5 draftee rookie all star :whistle

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Ok, was that contest even possible?


Yeah, really.


At least half court shots and hitting a football on those targets are realistic.


I'd be suprised to see some of the all-stars do that in 5 tries.

What a joke. I personally liked the Marlins' cash booth. Where the person grabbed as much cash as they could in 30 seconds. That was a real man's game!

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