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Everybody goes to SF


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Dave Van Horne just "told me" that everybody is going to

SF, not just the 25 man roster. Interesting.

Thank God there's radio today, the Fox split-game TV coverage is driving me nuts.

And all the black uniforms don't help. What a bunch of jerks. But, it's great to see our strong bench in there today! Getting ready for the kill.


Just now: "Oh, Lenny!" Great catch in right field. Wow, this Roster stuff is confusing.

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Teal is how this team is identified. There's barely any teal left in the jersey's at all. Maybe if enough of us e-mailed about it they would listen.

exactly, we might not need as much teal as we did when the team started, but we need more teal in the jerseys. I think they should go back to the vests with the teal undershirt.

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There is plenty of teal. The outlines of the logo and the pinstripes are enough.


Too much teal is sending the image of an expansion team not an 11-year old franchise with one world series championship and two wild cards under it's belt.

The Marlins w/o a single teal item in the uniform is like the Yankees w/o navy blue hats.


We should at least have the teal hats. Maybe the teal hats and solid teal jersey's at home, and black hats and solid black jersey's on the road?

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