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HUGE series w/ Braves & Phils this week

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Nice confidence in our guys. I think we take at least 2. Our SP pitching has been hot lately.



Not that I don't have confidence but right now the Braves are a hot team and they are a good team at home and historically we do not play well against the braves. I am just being a realist. Trust me I wish/hope/prey we sweep their arses.

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I agree. I think we will either get sweeped or we will win 1. Then go to play the phillies and win all 5 :mischief

Yeah, I think we will get sweeped too....




Of course by sweeped I mean SWEPT.








Keep jinxing the Braves, gents! :thumbup

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There is really no reason to believe we will sweep the Braves in Atlanta.


We have played consistently bad there for a long time.


I know because Ive seen an entire Fish series there every summer for the last 5 years.


Last year the Dontrelle shutout gem was the lone bright spot of the series and if you remember we had quite a long scoreless streak broken up by Cabrera early on in that game.



Hopefully we can steal two.


Go Fish.

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We have a few things going for us as we enter the series against the Braves in Atlanta:


1) The Marlins are almost a completely new team, so history doesn't really figure into it as much anymore. Yes, I know we were swept in Atlanta earlier this season, but that was in May when we were still floundering.

2) The Braves have a losing record at home this season. At this point last season they were dominant at home.

3) We swept Atlanta last month.

4) Josh Johnson has consistenly dominated or nearly dominated the Atlanta lineup in all of his starts against them, including his debut last season.

5) The Braves have never faced Anibal Sanchez, who has been nearly unhittable of late.


Things working against us are the fact the Braves are on a hot streak (they've won their last 6 series) and Olsen had a poor outing against them last time out. It won't be a cakewalk, but I'm confident we can take this series.

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