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I love that Notre Dame once again has a good football team cause it starts up all the great rivalries again and i love the smack talk from the other school's that say they dont deserve the hype and t.v. and all other things but thats what makes it great when ND is playing good football...


SOUTH BEND, Ind. ? Not that the losses were ever all that fun for Notre Dame fans, but the irrelevancy seemed to hurt most. For a decade, the Irish didn?t even talk a good game, the once proud program emasculated by coaches who either wanted extreme humility (Ty Willingham) or used excessive excuses (Bob Davie).


Either way Notre Dame stopped being Notre Dame ? the delightfully polarizing team that for nearly a century had stirred the greatest of passions among fans and foes alike.


Gone were the days of Notre Dame not just being preseason national championship contenders but also boldly embracing such expectations.


And then coach Charlie Weis strolled into his media day press conference Sunday, on the eve of a season in which Notre Dame is in everyone?s top five (if not top one), boasts a Heisman favorite, has the nation?s top recruit lined up and, just like old times, isn?t apologizing for any of it.


?National championship,? said quarterback Brady Quinn, the school?s Heisman Trophy candidate. ?That?s the only thing we are thinking about.?





Notre Dame is bold and back in every conceivable way, not just as a team capable of winning it all but also as a program that has shed its woe-is-me skin and is full of the swagger missing since Lou Holtz was stomping the South Bend sidelines.


And college football is better for it. College football always is better when Notre Dame is Notre Dame.


This rebirth is the work of Weis, the second-year coach who overnight didn?t just turn the Notre Dame offense into a potent, powerful force but who also restored the appropriate arrogance that makes people either love, hate, love to hate or hate to love the Irish.


?I think that good or bad, we are judged ? like we almost have an attitude, like we are holier than thou, which we certainly are not,? said Weis, who returns 16 starters from a team that went 9-3 last season.


?I try to use the analogy,? he continued. ?Growing up a Yankee fan, I always found no matter where you went, people had an opinion on the Yankees. They either liked them or disliked them. I think that's very similar to what we have to deal with.


?We just try to do things right. I would like to think that people would respect us for the way we run the program.


"[but] whether you like us or not is really not that relevant.?


The people who love the Irish ? they annually rank as the nation?s most popular team ? eat up this stuff. The people that despise the Irish ? they annually rank as the nation?s most hated team ? just throw up.


But that?s the beauty of Notre Dame, which through decades of wins and hype and, depending on your perspective, accurate media portrayals or insufferably syrupy coverage (Hollywood included), is a program like no other.


At least until Holtz left in 1996, and it went through eight seasons of .577 play and, worse, a defeatist attitude that drove the fan base nuts.


Davie spent five seasons telling everyone that the entrance requirements were too stringent, the schedule too tough and the expectations too grand. Willingham spent three more projecting the most humble of humility.


Not only did Notre Dame stop playing like Notre Dame, it stopped acting like Notre Dame. Even beating the Irish ceased being all that enjoyable.


But Weis has changed everything. Not just the offense, which immediately set a school scoring record. Not just the aggressive recruiting ? he scored a commitment from quarterback Jimmy Clausen, the No. 1 recruit in the Class of 2008. And not just expectations ? No. 3 in the preseason coaches? poll.


But the attitude.


?There has been a lot of hype around the season,? Quinn said matter-of-factly. ?We?re trying to turn this hype into fact.?


Weis is just as confident as you?d expect a four-time Super Bowl winning prot?g? of Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells would be if he stepped down to college football where the coaching competition is, well, not always elite.


Weis is a better coach than most and, quite possibly, as good as the college game has. Time will tell, but at the very least, he enters every game projecting a confidence from the sideline that wasn?t seen around here for a decade.


?I really haven?t done much yet,? Weis said. ?Hopefully in 10, 15 years this phase of my career will be deemed a success.?


Understand that Weis didn?t sit there on Sunday declaring that Notre Dame was a lock to go unbeaten. He didn?t claim his was the only program where kids actually take real classes. He didn?t rip on anybody.


To the contrary. He was respectful, self-deprecating and mostly just honest. He mainly talked about how he was going to demand more and punish overconfidence and how he solely was focused on beating Georgia Tech in the season opener.


?Ask Auburn about that one,? Weis said in reference to Tech?s upset of the Tigers in last year?s season opener.


But Weis wears his confidence on his sleeve, and his belief that something special is developing here is obvious. He is a straight shooter, a football coach?s football coach. He talks just like Parcells, in short, common-sense sentences in which he doesn?t overhype or underplay anything.


He isn?t afraid to tell you who?s good and who isn?t. He thinks his team is good.


This plays to the delight of Notre Dame fans who had begun to wonder if this ever was possible again. And it continues to play to the horror of Notre Dame haters who see a program with too many advantages (an NBC deal, favorable BCS position, no conference) and too much gumption.


But isn?t that the fun part? Isn?t that what Notre Dame is for, so that win or lose whatever it does this year matters?


?I don?t care what anybody else thinks,? Weis said. ?I care about Notre Dame.?


And once again, so do you.

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I can't wait for this season to begin. And then at the end when Notre Dame has 2 or 3 losses for the Willingham comparisons to start.


And next time link the stories you get off Fox Sports or ESPN.


Oh, and I hated Notre Dame even when they sucked. Because their idiot fans always saying "Next year!" every year. Like some kind of weird Catholic mantra. "Next year! Next year!"

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I can tell you right now that no one in the SEC gives a rats ass about Notre Dame.


Just how it is.


I kinda agree with the article though. It's good for Notre Dame to be good just like it is good for the Yanks and Sox to be good.

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I love how the fans of notre dame always believe.


But really I miss the time of Catholics vs the convicts. It used to be alot of fun then for the back and forth together.


Either way, Notre Dame needs to join a conference really. The time of programs like them and Da U standing alone really are dead. They are part of the Big East otherwise for baseball and basketball they should join for football too.

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notre dame fans are the worst fans on the planet.. the high and mighty BS, just like this post, is why i hate them.


The "we can get any coach we want".. and "we are college football" crap is intolerable.



Like my dad always says, its a great day when iowa wins and notre dame loses

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What's funny is the fact that they can get "any coach they want," yet Urban Meyer shunned them.


Charlie Weiss is a great coach...heck, I would probably take him over Meyer at this point because of his knowledge of pro-style offense (an offense I think is more suitable for the SEC). But when Meyer chose UF over ND I found that pretty funny because of the belief that any coach would drop what they were doing at that point to coach ND.


Another thing that is funny is the "It's good to be hated again." What's funny about it? It's not the fact that ND has won championships that makes them hated, it's the fact that the fanbase seems to pretend that they have won the last 10.

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Most dont take the job cause they dont have the marbles to do it......


Thats why Meyers didnt take it.....




Academic Standards



And it's "Meyer"


Plus, who wants to go to a college that hasn't won much in the last 10 years, yet the fanbase expects a coach to go undefeated or calls for his head?

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Most dont take the job cause they dont have the marbles to do it......


Thats why Meyers didnt take it.....



ha! that's hilarious


You just proved EXACTLY what i was talking about lexus.


I am curious though.. when was the last time ND won a bowl game?

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well i dunno fishfan, they did almost beat usc.




Almost only counts in Horseshoes, hand grenades and when a republican runs for president.

ahahahahaha...post of the year candidate right here...and as a big miami hurricanes fan, i only hate notre dame when we play them, as i hate every team when we play them irregardless of the sport...but still...notre dame should can only reclaim relevance in college football when it wins games that matter...sorry but beating northwestern idaho st tech doesnt really do it for me

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Id really hate it if Notre Dame joined a conference, that would mean there NBC contract would die, and well they would show less of them. I mean sure i want them to join a conference but well there Notre Dame, they stand out, thats why they havent joined a conference. And well i love the hating going on here, it fuels the irish, and it fuels me. I love it. And another thing im puzzled about is...why wouldnt you want to be saying this year is the year? Id want to be saying that and believing in that every year. I dont care if your 0-12 or 12-0 you should always be wanting to be the best.

This could be the irish's year, and well ya Charlie Weis could be a scrub like Ty Willingham, but there is something different this time, a different smell in the air. They havent won a bowl game since like what 1994? but me and the other irish followers know its all going to get better, we always keep the faith no matter what you say about us or our team. You dont like us? well were not very fond of you either, and thats just the way we like it.

If you want to beat us so bad, then beat us. I wish the Irish would face Iowa, and teams from ACC, SEC.

But they dont, and thats ok, aslong as I see W's in the W-L column.


And one last thing, im glad charlie weis is the head coach, i was hyped from the moment he signed on because the guy knows what it takes to be a pro. He's got what? 4 super bowl rings?

He could have been a NFL Coach, but choosed his alma-mater.

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Guest FishFanInPA

notre dame fans are the worst fans on the planet.. the high and mighty BS, just like this post, is why i hate them.


The "we can get any coach we want".. and "we are college football" crap is intolerable.



Like my dad always says, its a great day when Michigan wins and notre dame loses





ps....always hated Notre Dame and their we're too good for a conference bulls***. Beautiful campus, sh*tty football team.

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Yeah, Notre Dame is booty.


The only time I have ever "rooted" for Michigan in my life is against Notre Dame.


I was just really disappointed we didn't kick their ass more on the scoreboard last year. I mean, we totally dominated them and yet the score didn't show it. So, all those passed out micks who didn't actually see the game might think Notre Dame was in it at some point.


But, whatever. Notre Dame isn't that good, but they've got a good QB. But, he's not Jordan Palmer and doesn't have a LOT of great players around him. Merely good ones. A tradition of mediocrity, "We are ND!"

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