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About two weeks ago I found something I've been wishing I had for years. The complete series of Doug on Nickelodeon (108 episodes) was being sold on eBay. I got the 12 disk set for I think just under $40. Disney owns the rights to all Doug stuff, so this was entirely unlicensed and bootlegged. But it's something I'm really glad I bought. Can't wait to show my kids this show in a decade or so. It's great having my entire childhood in a set of twelve disks.

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That is awesome! I love Doug, in my opinion best old Nickelodeon TV show. I've got some VHS tapes of it from when I was a kid, but I wish I had the whole thing.


Unfortunately, I don't think Disney will ever release their half. Nick's half was always better though. Disney "disneyfied" Doug and we were stuck seeing a weird looking haircut on Patty Mayonaise.

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Yeah guys, I wouldn't watch Disney's Doug. That sh*t sucked.


Oh and Arnold was better than anythign on tv for most of my life too. I'd take an Arnold or Doug dvd up against anything not involving naked women lol.


If you see one of these collections on eBay I definitley reccomend them.

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