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Official Ryan Howard for MVP Thread

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I guess to be considered for MVP you have to be a power hitter? :confused






Jose Reyes.


The guy is on pace for 134 runs, 200 hits, 31 doubles, 21 triples, 19 HR's, 82 RBI's and 68 stolen bases along with a .298 average.



Beltran is on pace for .289, 47 HR 138 RBI 19 SB .390 OBP, .624 SLG (1.014 OPS)


My rankings:


1. Carlos Beltran

2. Albert Pujols

3. Ryan Howard

4. Lance Berkman

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It'd be a shame if Howard doesn't win it, but this season truly is a big time nit-picker "by definition" MVP.


I mean, you could honestly make a case for Berkman, Cabrera, Pujols, Beltran, Howard and even (I guess) Reyes.


By definition, the MVP has to be Howard, Cabrera or Berkman as without any of those players, their respective teams are absolutely bottom of the barrel.


Pujols and Beltran are the two highest profile players with gaudy numbers for October thinking teams, and Reyes may be even more important to his team's success than Beltran.


However, I have a hard time seeing the case for Beltran as without him, the Mets are still comfortably ahead in the division (FWIW, I think the Mets' MVP should be a tie between Glavine and Reyes), and with Pujols, you have a guy who's simply the victim of his own greatness. I mean, how many players have a season in which they hit .320 and 40 some odd homers for a division leader and not get the MVP publicity daily?


If I had a vote, I'd vote for Howard or Pujols, but in the end, I think Beltran takes it...

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Granted I'm a homer, but he and Chase Utley have drug this team into playoff contention. His numbers are sick, and he is more valuable to his team than Beltran. The Mets would still be very good even if he was stinking up the joint 2005 style. The Phillies would be be a solid contender for the bottom of the NL East without him.


BTW, he's just as good on the road as he is at Home.


Home: 291, 22, 59 with an OPS of1.015

Away: 303, 20, 47. 1.003

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As I posted on the Marlins' board, Howard, while having a monster season, is not coming through w/ RISP.

(As of yesterday, batting only .238 w/ RISP and .194 w/ RISP and 2 out).


My guess is that it will be Beltran, even though I agree that the Mets would still be a good team without him.

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I think he certainly has the numbers. While Pujols is Pujols and he is maybe the best player in the league right now, Howard is putting up amazing numbers, better than Pujols' and Beltran's. He does play in a small park, but we've all seen the way he hits those hrs. Those are no doubters anywhere. Besides, his stats on the road are just as impressive. He has 19 hrs, 47 rbis and is hitting .305 in 54 games (has played 63 at home).

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