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Ken Griffey Jr's parents have cancer


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Both of Ken Griffey Jr.'s parents were recently diagnosed with cancer, according to a report in the Cincinnati Enquirer.


Griffey's mother, Birdie, was scheduled to undergo colon cancer surgery Thursday in Orlando, Fla.


And according to the Enquirer Junior nearly opted out of the lineup for Thursday's series finale vs. St. Louis to be with his mother.


Griffey, however is in the lineup and batting third for the Reds.


Obviously, this is one of the most trying times in Griffey's life as he reportedly learned about his mother's cancer shortly after learning that his father, Ken Sr., was suffering from prostate cancer.


"Not one parent but both your parents," he said. "It's been tough."


Griffey, according to the Enquirer, has known about his father's cancer for about a week and a half. He found out about his mother's a few days later.


Ken Sr., 57, and Birdie are divorced.


Not being with them has made things difficult.


"You want to be able to look into their eyes and see if they're bending the truth," Griffey said.

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I feel for Junior and I know what he's going through. My mother is a colon cancer survivor and went through a lot between the surgery and chemotherapy. It was rough to say the least but she got through it and it's been 5 years since then. His parents are going to need a lot of emotional support and fortunately, it seems like they have a very loving son.


I wish them all the best.

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