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Let's end the year on a good note.


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We have had such a successful season and it would be kinda awkward/bad to end it with a sweep. We need to stop this Philly madness and win tomorrow. Dontrelle needs to pitch a great game and the offense needs to show up and help Dontrelle. Get ready for a long off-season :boo-woo . Just to warn you guys; get ready for some Spring Training pictures soon :D .


Lets go out there and support our boys tomorrow.

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I was there today and it was frustrating so I'm hoping we end it on a high note tomorrow.



That tribute to Anibal was kinda lame. Maybe I was expecting a little too much tho. And by the 6th inning we were wishing we had exchanged our tix for the shadey 200 section. Oh well. In our regular seats again today. Want a breezy, cloudy day!!!!

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