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North Korea Conducts Nuclear Weapons Test


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Guest FlummoxedLummox

Still awaiting confirmation from the State Department.


U.S. Intelligence is putting together a report right now, involving seismic reading and observed radiation levels. (MSNBC)

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Kim Jong-Il: Hans Brix? Aww no! Oh, herro. Great to see you again, Hans.

Hans Blix: Mr. Il, I was supposed to be allowed to inspect your palace today, and your guards won't let me in to certain areas.

Kim: Hans, Hans, Hans, we've been through this a dozen times! I don't have any weapons of mass destruction, okay, Hans?

Blix: Then let me look around so I can ease the UN's collective mind.

Kim: Hans, you're breakin' my barrs here, Hans, you're breakin' my barrs!

Blix: I'm sorry, but the UN must be firm with you! Let me see your whole palace, or else!

Kim: Or erse, what?

Blix: Or else we will be very, very angry with you, and we will write you a letter telling you how angry we are.


I can see this movie going to #1 on the rental charts next weekend.

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this test, if proved true, will have severe repercussions in the region. Japan, China and Korea still harbor animosity from WWII, Japan's occupation of Korea from 1910-1945, etc...if NK continues with this, god knows what will happen: SK and Japan joining the dance? what the hell will China do to stop their allies this time around?

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