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Jim Bowden Sighting


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so i live in orlando, and i was at the local mall for the i-phone realease. i had the intention of selling my spot in line the entire day, i was the 5th one there this morning. 30 mins. before the realease i go to sell my spot to someone at the back of the line that was willing to pay and move up.


none other than jim bowden bought my spot in line.


pics to come from this, he was the nicest guy and funny to me and my friends for a good half hour.


he was in florida to watch some gulf coast players, and bought my spot because he had a plane to catch for the baseball game in wash. later tonight.

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I love how stupid people are paying for a spot in line.


No Apple store in Florida sold out. Ditto New York.




people are stupid, ill give you that. but im sure as hell happy he paid me. but to be on his side, he was like 150th in line, and nobody truly knew how many each store was getting AND the fact that every1 couldve bought 2. so either way, i was one happy camper today.


also note...he did have to catch a plane so every minute saved him (not like he couldnt afford to charter his own)




watch for dimitri young to atlanta


but you didnt hear it from me

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