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Home Run Derby


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As you all know there are 4 per league and here is the up to date list.




NL Invites

Prince Fielder----yes

Ryan Howard----yes

Barry Bonds-----no answer

Ken Griffey------no answer


Miguel Cabrera was called and didnt answer. then his return call went unanswered as well. you would like to think he would be invited if bonds or griffey says no.


AL Invites

Justin Morneau----yes


No other words but I expect

A- Rod to get a call, maybe Vladdy and Magglio as well.


and before every1 rants about ryan howard, the champ always gets the 1st invite back the next year...team or not

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Glad MLB is doin something neat. In inviting lefty to send must HR into the water, i dunno if anyone notice that?


its not MLB thats doing that. Morneau, Griffey and Fielder all are league leaders in Hrs. its just the way its working, and bonds built that park so thats why hes invited


but it will be a nice hr derby for those willing to sit in that water

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Griffey should accept, he's had some memorable performances in the past and he's exciting to watch in the derby.


Bonds almost has to accept, it's his stadium and the fans want to see him hit homeruns. However, I can see him rejecting the invitation since he's a giant douche.

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Guest FishFanInPA

Meh. I can only take so much of friggin' Chris Berman, BUT if Griffey and Bonds were participating I'd definitely watch.


Ding Ding Ding.....i'll be watching it in mute.

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Guest Festa

Anyone ever watch the original Home Run Derby TV show on ESPN Classic? Damn that show was cool.


Too bad ESPN Classic quick showing so many old baseball games.

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so lets say vlad has the best righty swing and griffey is the best lefty swing



There is NOTHING pretty about Vladdy's swing! It is the absolute worst swing in baseball which is what makes it's effectiveness so confounding!

ya lol, vlad's swing ain't pretty but he hits balls that are inches off the ground/ eye level/foot outside over the fence...beast



i'd say the prettiest righty swing goes to troy glaus

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