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Sydney - XM Channel 41

Tokyo - XM Channel 42

Shanghai - XM Channel 43

Hamburg - XM Channel 45

London - XM Channel 46 (8:30 AM - 5:50 PM ET)

Johannesburg - XM Channel 44 (Noon - 5:30 PM ET)

New York - XM Channel 42 (2 PM - 11 PM ET)

Rioi De Janeiro - XM Channel 41 (3 PM - 10 PM ET)

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Live 8 was so much better. Still, I'm going to try to catch Roger Waters streaming online when he takes the stage, because he is so incredibly kickass.


On another note, this concerts are completely worthless in furthering a cause, but at least some lucky people get to go some kickass concerts.

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Fun fact: your average performer with entourage is as wasteful, in one day, as 100 average Europeans in 6 months.


And each venue is expected to generate around 1,000 tons of waste that are direct, non-recycled waste.


Not really going all out for the cause.


Still, if I was aware of that New York lineup earlier, you'd better believe I'd be up there right now.

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The Foos kicked some serious ass. The US has some good acts coming up to finish it off. The Smashing Pumpkins followed by Waters followed by The Police. :o


As far as getting a message across, this is far less effective than Live 8 just because I could actually take Live 8 seriously at some points.

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