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Price is Right


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sh*t, I was hoping for the guy that does the DIE-A-BEAT-US commercials that they air constantly during the show.


Wilford Brimley?? I love that guy. LOL

Yeah, him. He'd be better than Bob himself.


They could have had the Brimley's Beauties and not missed a beat...or at least it would have been just as creepy.

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They should just rerun Bob's episodes forever

The show was in its heyday from the mid 70's to the early 90's when Bob was still a relatively young man who was extremely witty and entertaining and was not the bitter old man he went on to become and you had Johny, Holly and Janice and of course the incomparable Dian. Now if they aired those episodes that would be something but because Bob doesn't want Dian, Holly and Janice to earn any royalties he wont allow those episodes to air. I hate him.

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Well, Moonves wanted Dave Price (the terrible weatherguy from "The Early Show") to host, even after he bombed during the auditions.


Mojo, Marc Summers has been one of the rotating hosts on "The Price is Right LIVE" stage show, and was under consideration for replacing Bob as well. By all reports, he does a really good job at the stage show.


I would have liked to see Marco Antonio Regil, the host of the 90's Mexican version of TPiR, get more of a shot, but he entered the picture too late (even though Drew Carey seemingly became a serious possibility within the last 3 days or so). Drew's not the best choice, but he's definitely not the worse either.

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