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ESPN Poll On the Marlins

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Guest iFesta Touch

5) Do you think the Marlins' situation is bad for baseball?


52.3% No, not every franchise can be the Yankees or Red Sox

47.7% Yes, the team should move or be contracted



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I hate losing Miggy and Dontrelle as much as anyone, but I can't blame the Marlins. If such a small percentage of South Floridians are willing to spend money to actually attend games, why should they continue to lose money? And I don't want to get into the argument on how much they actually lose, or if they lose anything at all... But they put a great team on the field for a few years and attendance didn't significantly increase... As a fan, it sucks to come to that realization, but baseball is a business... I don't blame them at all for making the moves they have made since taking over the team.

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