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See Ya Boone!


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I fell down on pursuing this one, but the Nationals signed infielder Aaron Boone to a one-year, $1 million contract that includes incentives.


They also agreed to the aforementioned extension with outfielder Wily Mo Pena, the one GM Jim Bowden said last night was innacurately reported by ESPN. The twist: Pena will get $2 million in 2008 -- thus avoiding arbitration and getting only a slight raise from his $1.875 million in 2007. But he'll have a mutual option for 2009. If the club picks it up, he'll make $5 million in 2009. If the Nationals decline, then Pena can pick up the option for $2 million.


Boone: He's the veteran third baseman-first baseman who played last year in Florida, when he injured his knee and was limited to 69 games. But he did hit .286 with a .388 on-base percentage, and though he hadn't played much first base in his career, the Marlins were very pleased with his defense there. He could serve as this year's Tony Batista, a right-handed, veteran bat off the bench.


(This, of course, brings up the question of where just-selected third baseman Matt Whitney would fit, but that can all be sorted out in spring training depending on the health of players, etc.)


Boone's contract, according to a source familiar with a deal, calls for a $50,000 bonus if he plays 60 games, with $50,000 bumps for every 10 games played after that -- 70, 80, 90 all the way up to 150. In theory -- and it seems impossible to envision a scenario he'd play 150 games -- he could make an extra $500,000, bringing the total package to $1.5 million.



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I believe we could have offered the same deal and he would not have come back.



I don't understand your rationale for this statement. I believe the Marlins could have provided him more playing time with a hole at 3b, as well as no backup 1B.


I don't see him stealing too many AB's from Zimmerman, and the Nats have both Dmitri Young and Nick Johnson for 1B.


Do you think that he honestly would have chosen the Nationals over the Marlins for a one year deal, because he thinks the Nats will compete next year?

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