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Matt Morris released


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Pirates released RHP Matt Morris.

Not a surprise, but still a tough blow for the Pirates who are going to have to write him an $11 million check. He was 0-4 with a 9.67 ERA in five starts this year. "Matt Morris has been a true professional," said manager John Russell. "He's had a great career. He wanted to help us win, and it just wasn't happening." Phil Dumatrait is going to take his spot in the rotation.


--- RotoWorld.com

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Oh how ignorant of me, I should have realized that his ERA of 9 and his 0-4 record would be an asset to this team. Plus any guy who is giving up 2 hits per inning while allowing guys to take him deep a mere 6 times in 22 innings is worth taking a shot at.

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nonsense. I've always wanted Morris in a Marlins uniform and here is our chance. I think we might be able to sign him to a Minor League deal and try and save his career. I know I sound foolish but he is one of my favorite players.


That won't make his curveball curve, or his fastball miss bats, he's over the hill and not good anymore

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Is anyone else tired of people demanding we sign old has-beens to try to resurrect their career every time they get released from a team? I mean really, theres only so many guys we can do that with.


This goes back to that whole "bring back Kim" argument that holds as much logic as the Julio signing. Seriously, people need to realize that even with all the question marks around the starting rotation we're not nearly desperate enough as to sign a Morris or Kim or any other crappy suggestion that has been thrown out there.


Oh but wait, it can't hurt to sign a veteran to eat innings and protect the young arms, right? Wrong, wrong, wrong and completely wrong. Protection requires the veteran to go 6+ innings and allow less than 4 runs while not totally sucking. If Morris or Kim met those requirements, they would not have been released by their respective teams.


Our rotation is not as bad as it seems. Come July, we get Anibel and Mitre back and will have a rotation that is average by national league standards. If it looks something like this after the all-star break, we're in decent shape.


1. Olsen

2. Anibel

3. Mitre

4. Hendrickson

5. Nolasco/Miller/Badenhop


Chances are one of those guys will pan out for the 5th spot in the rotation. Not only are we able to avoid dipping into the farm system and creating another Vandenhurk, but there is absolutely no reason to sign some washed up peice of garbage. The key is staying above water and somewhere near contention until Anibel and Mitre return, then we make a push. Enough with these crappy suggestions.

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