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5/15 - Florida Marlins @ Cincinnati Reds

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and after looking at the forcast, it is not looking good...game is still on, but I am looking at a few possible make up dates

June 23: Marlins on the way home from Oakland, Cincy between NY(Yankees) and Toronto. Would be 19 in a row for CINCY and 24 in a row for the Fish


AUG 18: CINCY home vs STL and out on the way to CHI (Cubs) while the Marlins have the Cubs at home and head on the road to San Fran. 12 in a row for Cincy and 20 in a row for FLA


Aug 25: CINCY goes from Colorado to Houston and Florida from Arizona to Atlanta so not gonna happen


SEP 11: Cincy between Milwaukee and Arizona, Florida between Philidelphia and home...perobably not gonna happen


Sep 15: Cincy between Arizona and home. Marlins stay home...probably not gonna happen


Sep 22: Cincy between home and Houston-Marlins between home and Washington. POSSIBLE

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