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SI trades Cody Ross for us.


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SI thinks that we should trade Ross to the Yankees for prospect Catcher John Murphy.


The Marlins trade Cody Ross to the Yankees for C John Murphy.There's a dearth of outfielders available to contenders, putting the Marlins in an enviable spot. Ross has been stretched as their everyday guy, with a skill set more suited to a platoon role or fourth-outfielder status, with less time in center field. Ross' most notable skill is an ability to hammer southpaws: .289/.349/.590 in his career. For the Yankees, who have been working around Curtis Granderson's problems all year, that skill would be a godsend. Ross would also serve as insurance for Brett Gardner in left field, who has never been asked to play this much and is a risk to fade down the stretch.


By trading Jorge Cantu, the Marlins finally signaled their direction, so moving Ross (and giving Cameron Maybin one last chance to have a career) seem like their best play. By dealing with the Yankees, they get to pick from what is an embarrassment of riches behind the plate; Murphy, the Yankees' second-round pick a year ago, is a 19-year-old holding his own in the Sally League, throwing out 28 percent of basestealers. He's a long-term play for an organization that can afford some of those, as they bide their time for the opening of their new park in 2012.


Read more: http://sportsillustr...g#ixzz0vGvLLQ9m



Apparently, trading Cantu made them believe we are in full sell mode, which we are not. I don't know much about Murphy, but he seems like a top catching prospect for the Yanks.

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They would call us sellers even if we were in 1st place. The rep sticks with a team no matter its circumstances. I am surprised they even knew we had a new stadium being built.


I was on a national forum the other day and said something about the new stadium and most of the folks there called me a liar and said there was no stadium being built, that I was dreaming. Well if you go down there and see it in person (I had to go to a Dr's appointment at UM Medical Center the other day) and I went by it. That is the biggest and most real dream I have ever had :lol

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Lmao. This is all so extreme. Magnum has one more chance at a career, Cody is being 'stretched' as an outfielder and by trading Cantu, we've officially become sellers. Rather than getting an idiot to halfass his coverage of teams, they should really hire someone to to cover each team because this sounds more embarrassing for SI than it does for us.

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