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Lowell's hidden ball trick


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5 or 6 years ago Lowell pulled the hidden ball trick for our beloved fish with Todd Jones and I believe Matt Treanor . I think it was against Colorado or Arizona.


It was a thing of beauty.. the way that jones didn't touch the mound and the way treanor and lowell made eye contract and just knew what each other were thinking. The look on that guys face (Jose Cruz?) was priceless. And I remember it being a very big play in for the fish getting the W.


I know Lowell pulled it off once before that but I don't remember it.


Does anyone have a video of this? Its harder than crap to get MLB videos and I don't think the mlb.tv archive goes back that far. Thanks

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Just keep your heads up he's bound to do another one. It is so incredibly cheap... I dont know why its not done more, or illegal for that matter.



why should it be illegal? if you're a baserunner, there's no need to take a lead when the pitcher isn't even on the mound.


Thats not the point. It's very unsportsman-like to purposely get a player out on a technicality in my eyes. However funny and priceless it is.

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That video leaves out part of it. Did Todd Jones walk all they way to 3B and pretend to take the ball from Lowell and walk back to the mound?


Here's direct link if you wanna avoid browser video players or download it.: mms://a1330.v12918a.c12918.g.vm.akamaistream.net/7/1330/12918/v0001/vod.ibsys.com/2005/0811/4837361.200k.wmv

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