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5/3 - Marlins @ Cardinals - 8:15

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I don't like 7 PM first pitches.. Way too used to 6 PM Marlin start times.



Same here..going to suck when we play in the west coast as well. I don't like late games


Boo hoo. Normal gametime is midnight for me


Heh well true and that does suck except I need at least two hours of sleep because I have to be up and studying from midnight and on because I don't have enough time during the day. So when the game ends at around 10 here, it gives me enough time for some rest. Otherwise, I wouldn't complain. It's great though that you stay up to watch the games

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Off topic, but I'm so unimpressed with the teams the Phillies have played so far this season. Aside from us (2 games) and the Braves, they haven't played any team worth a damn.


Sorry, just ranting.



I think Milwaukee is worth a damn....however they did lose 2/3 from them at home.


And yet they have a worse record than the Pirates right now (granted by .5 a game).


The only team above .500 that they have played is us.


I'm saying more than I should right now about this, but I just wanted to state my opinion. I really can't wait till we play them again.

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