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Bryant and the Cubs: Weigh In


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Now that Bryant has been demoted and Boras and the PA are have an aneurysm, weigh in on your opinions. Mlbpa is threatening litigation and will definately argue it in the next bargaining agreement.


My side is both the players and the league agreed to the collective bargaining agreement so there really isn't much else they can say on either side.



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I find it hilarious that this is the guy they are having a problem with honestly!


1) Bryant didnt even play regularly, this spring.


2) Bryant is shit at defense, if this was the AL, they would have a much bigger case.


3) Spring stats mean shit, right OMG Nunez??


It is what it is, dont like the rule, bargain it out. But the MLBPA has been fucking over minor leaguers for decades, what exactly is new?



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