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Liquor connosseurs

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Kinda going with the craft beer thread we had for a while. Is there anyone that has a finer appreciation for spirits? I've never been much of a drinker and don't see the fascination with getting wasted. I somehow got looking up reviews and videos for spirit tastings recently and have found it pretty interesting. i also really find the designs of the decanters and bottles to be fascinating.


Anybody appreciate liquor as anything other than a vessel to plasteredville? Looking for recommendations.



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That movie is everything that's wrong with PC culture.

What do you mean? I was able to stay away from the controversies and drama and just saw it for fun without over thinking it and I actually enjoyed it. It was pretty good and I didn't regret watching it.
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I love scotch.


I do not drink to get drunk.


1-2 drinks an evening is more than enough and i'm far far from wasted.


Haven't tried scotch. I have tried  a couple American whiskeys like Jim Beam and Jack Daniels. Never had the jack straight though. 



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Huh, learn something new every day. I thought that was part of the definition, I suppose not. 


Well, is it just a stereotype then? Most scotch I've had is smoky. I generally avoid all whiskeys that aren't bourbon.

The definition of scotch is made in Scotland.


Like champagne from the champagne region of France.



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whats yallz favs whiskeys/bourbon?


scotch to smokey for me

Try glengoyne for a non smokey scotch


The smokey taste comes from the peat


The areas where a lot of peat is used will have more smokey scotch.


Islay region will be quite peaty.


The highlands will be peaty as well


Look for a scotch made in the lower regions of Scotland for a less peaty (smokey) scotch.



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