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Cardinals acquiring Goldschmidt


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I hear Goldy is signing a 3 yr extension also.


We gave up:


Luke Weaver (fuck him, he was probably 8th or 9th in the pecking order after the disaster of 2018)


Carson Kelly (who was/is on the verge of being passed by Knizier), he has never hit great defender, hope he does well.


Andy Young (no biggie, late round pick that has really made a name for himself)


And a draft pick. big F'n deal.


Let's go finish the job and get Bryce.



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Without an extension, this would be a rough trade for cards since Goldy only has one year left. I like it if they are extending him though.


Thats word thats starting to trickle out that it will happen.


Still considering we gave up nothing we dont have better of, its fine even for a rental if it helps us beat up those fucking Cubbies.



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Its usually a result of dumb management giving out dumb contracts tbh.


Look at Arizona.  Dumb management.


This is very true. Also a guy like Scherzer is pretty elite. In a perfect world (perfect for GMs) only the elite guys would get big contracts and everyone beneath them isn't allowed more than a 2 year deal or something like that. I know it would never work that way but just saying. 



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