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New details emerge about Astros cheating scandal


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A couple of points.


- The players are full of shit. They damn well wouldnt have just 'accepted' the punishmnet. They would have appealed the hell out of the punishment.


- The players need to look themselves in the eye and just handle their own punishment. They are the most powerful union in America.


- Lebron is funny as you know damn good and well its the same mentality. The union is to protect the players from punishment and when punished you rely on them to make your punishment less severe. Because you know, you dont agree with the punishment.


Just fucking come out, say what would be an appropriate punishment for any players who were guilty. Take the report by MLB then and work with them on issuing punishment with no appeal process happening.


If you are serious. They arent.

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Somehow they deserve to keep that "piece of metal" though. It is ridiculous and it lets their players and fans act like they earned it.


I do not believe the title should be awarded to another team, that isn't a good solution. It should be vacated. There should be no 2017 WS champion

I think we need to give it to someone though.


We can't not have a WS champion.


I say, to be completely unbiased and in the interest of fairness, we don't give it to anyone who made the playoffs because there's no way to say they would have conclusively won if the Astros hadn't cheated therefore I say it goes to a team who didn't make the playoffs...


From there I think since the Astros are in the AL we immediately have to disqualify every AL team because there's no way we can prove they would have even beaten the Astros during the regular season without the cheating so the championship has to obviously go to an NL team...


And that year if we look at the results of the NL teams who didn't make the playoffs the next best team was the Brewers but the Brewers can't get that championship because they used to be in the AL therefore they are disqualified. After that comes the Cardinals and that team's number one fan is @Das Texan so obviously we can't reward him for being the way that he is so the Cardinals are now out as well...


Moving on I think it's only fair to give it to whichever team finished after the Brewers and Cardinals... and a quick search on the Google machine tells me that next best team was...


oh hey would you look at that it was the Marlins!


Ladies and gentlemen... your 2017 World Series Champions the Miami Marlins!

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