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New details emerge about Astros cheating scandal


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Thought I’d share a story you don’t hear every day.


Took my sons to Marlins @ Astros this past Tuesday in West Palm Beach.


In between innings while the Astros outfielders were warming up, the CF inadvertently threw the ball over Kyle Tucker’s head (Tucker was playing RF).


The ball rolled to the area right in front of where we were sitting (we had Field Box seats on the 1st base line but more toward the outfield).


Tucker ran toward us to retrieve the ball. He picked up the ball, looked at us (we were all wearing Marlins gear) and asked us if we wanted the baseball.


Of course we did.


Point of the story: how many times have you been asked by a major leaguer if you want a baseball? I’ve never. Neither have my young sons. Usually it’s the fans asking for the baseballs.

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