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Phillies 86-76 in 2003

No doubt Milton is at least a 5 game improvement over Duckworth. Wagner and Worrell are head and shoulders above Mesa and Williams. Biggest hurdle will be their young starters have yet to pass the test the Marlins young starters did last season.....tey have yet to win the big games when it counts.

The Old Pen:

Mesa 5 wins 7 losses 24 saves 4 blown savs 2 holds

Williams 0 wins 4 losses 3 saves 2 blown saves 2 holds

Plesac 2 wins 1 loss 2 saves 2 blown saves 10 holds


The New Pen

Worrell 4 wins 4 losses 38 saves 7 blown saves 1 hold

Wagner 1 win 4 losses 44 saves 3 blown saves 0 holds

Hernandez 5 wins 3 losses 0 saves 4 blown saves 19 holds


The Result:

+3 wins - 1 Loss 85% save % vs. 78%, +6 Holds

All impressive towards the upside, but the three guys that are now GONE blew only 8 save opps and have just 6 less holds. Quick math says 8=6=14*.85=almost 12.


All that says...Phillies are 17 games better.

2004: 103-59


Marlins 91-71 in 2003

They won 60% of their games after the 10-29 start. From Opening Day to Opening Day we turned Pudge, Lee, , Andy Fox, Encarnacion, Hollandsworth, Redman, Looper, Vlad Nunez and Almanza into Castro, Choi, Lenny Harris, Cabrera, Conine, Wilis, Benitez, Fox and Nate Bump. The bullpen will not be worse than the start of last season. The starting staff will be much more mature and I believe will show it by treating April and May games much like they did September games. We are all assuming poor years from catcher and first base. Keep in mind that CAstro and Choi are highly touted prospects. Biggest thing to consider is the Braves and Expos are worse...the Mets are still very beatable. 91 wins will go upwards.

2004: 98-64


Mets 66-95 in 2004

Matsui, Cameron are added...noone lost. Piazza maybe stays healthy, Floyd maybe stays healthy. Ther youngers are bound to improve. The Mets are surely going to add more this off season. Give them Urbina or Williamson, another starter and a rightfielder and I see....

2004 86-76


Braves 101-61 in 2003

They lose 35 wins from their pitchers and then lose Sheffield, Castilla and Javy Lopez. You'll be surprised at how the absense of the three sluggers will impact the results from Chipper and Andruw Jones.

2004: 74 - 88


Expos 83-79 in 2003

Vladimir, Vazquez, El Duque gone. Everett, Johnson added.

2004: 69-93

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What wilol be the final standings of 2004.

i say


1.Marlins 90-72

2.Phils 89-73

3.Braves 83-81

4.mets 75-87

5.expos 71-91


all i know is that it would be a fight between the Fish and the Phils

I'm with you. Marlins are going to win the Division for the first time next year! Leave it to McKeon to work his magic with this young group of guys! :thumbup

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I think the Marlins are the best team in the division-but we seem to never win the division-usually the braves win it-but this year the braves are very weak and I think that we will do better than them-but I think the phils will come out on top-but just like in 97 and 03 when we won the WS by getting into the playoffs via wild card...so too I think we will get into the playoffs via wild card and have a good shot at winning the WS.

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I love the optimisim, but we still need to upgrade the pen, add depth to the staff, get another bat, and improve the bench before we talk about playoffs. Remember it went down to the wire last year with the Dodgers, and they are in a good position ( they got rid of 30 mil from payroll) to make some big moves. Don't forget also that the Astros and Cubs are looking better, and the Braves aren't dead yet.

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okay, I'm going to be honest, so please don't kill me...remember, you guys have benitez now!


1. Braves (why? Somehow, who saw them taking it last year after getting rid of millwood?)

2. Phillies (a lot of pitching and hitting can come back...bowa is the problem)

3. Marlins (pitching will do well, but there will be a lack of offense...middle relief/closer will be a problem)

4. Mets (pitchers coming off off years, bats should come around, good prospects, vastly improved defense in a pitchers park)

5. Expos (without Vaz and Vlad, what the hell are they? Vidro can only do so much, but he's probably going to have a monster season before he hits the market)

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