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Harper takes a 97mph HBP to the face.


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i think that this will at least help update the 3 batter minimum rule for a pitcher.  since dude had to stay in to face 2 more batters and was clearly shaken up (but not injured). He had zero business being out there.  Clearly didn't do it on purpose but idiotic to put people at this kind of risk because YoUmUstFace3BattuRZ

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47 minutes ago, SilverBullet said:

Umpire discretion should have allowed them to pull the pitcher in this situation. I can't stand that umps aren't allowed to apply common sense to bend rules when appropriate. Or if they are then they sure don't do it.

Different situation but maybe like when a runner steals a base and they're on it for five seconds but their momentum slowly pulls them off, or, their entire body is completely over the bag but because their torso is floating above it and not actually touching it they have to call them out?

Should probably have an overrule there, "hey, yeah, he's ... TECHNICALLY on it."

Shoot, bring back the "neighborhood" play while we're at it (without being too nuts).

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4 hours ago, hovertical said:

Hoping to see  the 3 batter rule go away entirely again although I'm sure it won't (it hasn't sped up the pace of play like intended sooooo.....)

Manfred's new initiative to encourage starters lasting longer:


27 batter minimum.

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