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Starting Second Baseman 1994


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For the twelve opening days (assuming Luis starts 4/6/04), there have only been 4 2Bs - Barberie (2), Veras (2), Counsel (1), and Castillo (7). That is the lowest number of different players on OD for any one position.


The highest? RF & 1B, both of which have had 8 different starters on OD (assuming Cabrera & Choi).


Other positions - 7 different pitchers (assuming Josh), 7 3B/CFs, and 5 SS/LF/Cs, all assuming the givens for 4/6/04.

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Who started for us opening day 1994 at 2B and 3B?


I'm thinking it was Jerry Browne or Bret Barberie at 2B; not sure at 3B.


If you have a reliable source, please state it. I have all the OD lineups on a spreadsheet, but 1994 needs the above.

Magadan was our starting 3B both in 93 and 94 opending day.


Dave was traded in 93, resigned in 94 and got injured. A lot.


Barbarie was our 2B until we snagged Quilvio Veras before the 95 season.

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Magadan was the starting 3B in 1993 OD, but was injured and Jerry Browne got the start in 1994 for OD. Pendelton got the next two starts on OD and of course Bobby Bo was there for OD 1997. Then who could forget the great Josh Booty starting there for the fish in 1998's OD. That led to another all-time great Kevin Orie starting there in 1999 OD. Since 2000 it's been in the capable hands of Mike Lowell.

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