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Isnt Boy Meets World the best ABC show ever??


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Are you guys serious? I hated this show. Except for the Tapenga girl (where'd her career go I wonder, hmmm?) I had absolutely no use for this mediocre show full of unfunny white people. Sure, it's a show about life in some ways, it's a show about growing up, but Wonder Years was leaps and bounds, head and shoulders above this pile of poo. I didn't even think the jokes were that funny. So, let me get this straight, dorky kid goes to an all-white school of like fifty people and funniness happens? ARGH. This show was like no world I ever lived in (you have the dork getting the most beautiful girl of the school, who's close friends with the principal/teacher of the school).


Sorry, I'm not hating on anyone for liking this show so much as the show itself. I'm going through a whole and bitter hatred of all the things I see wrong with tv. This show falls somewhere in the number of about fifty of shows I see that really sucked up our tv...

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Topango has been in jail for stalking Lance Bass(N'Sync)


no joke

you serious?? hahaha



last time i saw her she had gained some weight but she still looked damn good.



hmm but i liked Boy Meets World ... its a great show, but the Wonder Years might have the advantage.



i watched both pretty regularly.... hmmm tough tough ... i think Wonder Years was a tad bit more serious so that was good.

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