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  1. I threw the alley oop pass. Glad someone quickly knocked it down.
  2. This Jazz guy has great power at SS and he’s only 21. This isn’t a bad move. I mean if he ends up a bust then it may end up being bad, but at the moment we’re filling out holes in the organization.
  3. You know I had to go back and see if I actually mistyped “pop”
  4. I did some digging and asked some twins fans about this. Apparently the reason Lewin was 30th was because in 2018 he was coming back from injury and had a down year but that he’s a lot better than the ranking would indicate. Plus power. Twins fans are saying we got a good player with a lot of pop.
  5. Ironic that we’re wearing the 97 jerseys against a team that wasn’t around until 1998.
  6. The problem with the opener thing is that you really tire out your bullpen. The Yankees had issues with this right before the break. They had the opener and then had those two high scoring games in London. And the pen practically limped into the all star break.
  7. Good. Maybe we can get two or three more ?
  8. I really hope this no hitter doesn’t happen. Time for some bunts
  9. Interesting no one has mentioned gallen because he has a good k/Bb ratio but watching him pitch he seems the most hittable. Sandy on the other hand which you all think is going to regress has the best stuff and can certainly improve by attacking the zone more. I actually think sandy is going keep getting better with time and experience.
  10. Ah damn. Rough ending to the first half.
  11. Rojas walker and romo have to be traded and will all bring some value. That’s about it unless someone wants one of the other relievers. There’s no reason to trade any of the starting pitchers. Right now with Smith back it should be gallen that goes down. Or maybe elieser to the pen.
  12. There’s no point in trading Urena now. You almost have to hope he comes back and does ok so you can trade him in the off-season.
  13. Roof should be closed if it’s ever hotter than 79. Most people rightfully wont go to a game if it’s open when it’s 85 degrees with 400 percent humidity like it is every night from May 15-September 30. Roof closed is bae I still remember a day game in joe Robbie in 2004 with d train pitching where we had to keep drinking water because of how offensively hot it was. (Granted it was a day game ).
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