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  1. It’s always hot as hell in the lower level. They really need to crank the AC. Imagine if the stadium was full
  2. Another L for Mattingly. Also I know dean isn’t the answer but I wish he’d give him consistent playing time. Especially over Herrera or granderson.
  3. But he got injured after he was selected. I’ve never seen it where they select a player that’s currently injured.
  4. I think at this point granderson should be DFA and they might as well bring brinson back up. If you're going to have an OFer hitting below .200 at least brinson plays better defense. Castro should be moved down in the lineup too. Let ramirez or alfaro hit 4th.
  5. Winning is what brings people to the stadium and not a 7 game win streak in the middle of a 100 loss season. We saw this in 2003, 2004, 2005 where attendance was steadily increasing year to year. They still ranked near the bottom of the league but each year saw steady increases. The fans were coming back and would have continued to do so if they hadn't blown it up in 2006. The year of stanton's homer chase, the crowds were electric. Every time stanton came up to bat everyone was going nuts. It didn't increase attendance by much (although still more than this year) since the team wasn't a winner, but the game to game crowds were a lot of fun. As for the roof. Atmosphere is better with the roof closed. Its hot humid and unbearable even at the night with the roof open. I avoid those games whenever it's announced. Much more pleasant and a better experience when its closed and the AC is nice and comfy.
  6. Not saying Cubans go to the games but Cubans also don’t give a shit about “the Hispanic card”. That was one of the errors of the loria era.
  7. So what’s wrong with Caleb? Three bad starts in a row
  8. You know as bad as the loria regime was. They did draft Stanton yelich fernandez luis Castillo paddack Moran. And I’m sure I’m missing a few. The problem was everytime we were near 500 we’d trade away the top prospects for some fringe player.
  9. How do you find them so fast is more my question
  10. Marlin fillet is delicious. If any of you are in Miami they have it at Don Camaron on NW 6 street and 37 avenue across from the casino. Dont hide it’s flavor by putting it in a sandwich though. It’s gotta be as a steak and grilled.
  11. I agree it’s a positive since it lets you identify what needs to be fixed. You certainly do have to trade away veterans with upside. However someone said earlier to trade Guerrero and Anderson. I don’t see why you trade controllable arms. Urena and Conley sure, but part of a rebuild also includes rebuilding your bullpen. Guerrero at least shouldn’t be traded. Anderson maybe since he’s older.
  12. Jeter also went to watch Rutledge and Vaughn play. I think abrams came to marlins park.
  13. Any idea what the marlins are thinking with those picks ? Any names that have come out in the mock drafts ?
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