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  1. Dude thats bad. They would have killed her if she went up there.
  2. I felt a lot of tension where Cheney was sitting when the Bush twins spoke. They're almost as dumb as their father but not quite.
  3. The RNC is a joke. Just a bunch of white hicks saying how great Bush is.
  4. I think there's no doubt he will. He could be consider for MVP if he was on a little better team.
  5. Synchronized swimming. What the hell is that?
  6. That's bad news. Hopefully the weather won't effect the game.
  7. I hope this isn't true. Zo is a great guy and has had a great career but he should stay retired.
  8. Kobe was not guilty. The other side had no case.
  9. I wish I was going to that Notre Dame/BYU Game and see Notre Dame kick BYU's butts.
  10. God I hope this is just a rumor and it has no truth to it. MJ should just give it up already. Forget about Basketball and move on with your life.
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