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  1. What Rockies start are you guys referring to?
  2. Cousin actually lol NVM, I now see Michael corrected you lol
  3. There was a picture of Jose Salas playing second and everyone thought it was Sierra even though mags is lefty. He was just making a reference to an old post lol
  4. I use brave. It’s built on chromium so it works on Pretty much any site you visit and blocks trackers and cookies and even has a built in anonymous mode that acts pretty much like a free VPN. I got sick of the surveillance and wanted to limit it as much as I could.
  5. Wouldn’t it also be delayed further for Sanchez since he technically debuted and played in a few games last year?
  6. I think “buying” this year would be very near-sighted unless it’s for a long term solution at a position of real need (which right now is either 2nd or 3rd. I’m just not convinced about BA). They should bring up the prospects this season And treat it as a dry run for them to get their feet wet cause next year is the soonest we should really be making the run for it. Should have been this year, but the injuries to Sixto, Cabrera, Elieser, and Marte have really made it as low start out of the gate. And the lack of a minor league season last year pushed the Meyer/Bleday/Burdick/etc group back a whole year. Unless it’s a straight salary dump and they don’t have to send anything meaningful back, “buying” means parting with something relatively substantial and I think that’s counterproductive for them at the moment.
  7. Yeah I agree, no reason that Dickerson or Duvall should be with the team next season. I say trade Dickerson at the deadline and trade Duvall in the off-season. Let me amend that by saying if Duvall goes on an absolute year by the all star break then you trade him too but only if it’s an overpay.
  8. When is the service time cut off? Could that be part of why they haven’t brought him up? Also, he’s ripping right now but he still worries me a bit as far as long term success goes. Looks like a shit load of swing and miss in that bat
  9. And Trevor is third, very nice!!
  10. Also, and this is coming from a Cuban, Miami isn’t Cuba and has a shit load of other nationalities that make it up. I don’t enjoy the pandering to “the community” like Nike understands it. For gods sake the marlins don’t even have a single Cuban player on the team, how does a Cuban team from the 50’s represent this city? NO ONE that isn’t a huge baseball fan even understands the reference or even cares. Might not be a popular opinion but I’m just annoyed already with the perspective of Miami being Cuban sandwiches and beaches. They’d have been better off basing the uniforms on stray cats, traffic, and Food stamps. It would have been a more accurate “connection”...
  11. They gotta stop letting these kids in the marketing department design uniforms. Between this one, the Red Sox one, and the horrendous multi-color players week jerseys it’s getting to be a joke. This is a baseball uniform, not a Wynwood wall.
  12. Oh ok, I was looking for lower level seats but thanks anyway. I just buy on stub hub/seat geek. Put them on there and see if you can get something for them.
  13. How many tickets, where are the seats and how much are you selling for?
  14. not a surprise, this is what happens when a shitty team faces a World Series champion team.
  15. I don't get the mentioning of Devers and Harrison. It's not like they're both infielders, one has nothing to do with the other. If anything, I see it as less of a slap in the face that they sent Monte down. Means they value him enough that they want him getting regular reps. And had he actually shown up in the time he's been up in the big leagues, you better belive he'd be the starting Center fielder. But he's shit the bed every chance he gets. The marlins don't owe him any sort of patience. Figure your shit out, or get sent down till you do. Simple as that.
  16. Ah shit lol no I quoted the wrong post. Meant to reply to Iowa’s question about the son
  17. Pretty sure it’s that the son is in Colombia and he didn’t go there this offseason. He stayed here to work on his catching/hitting.
  18. Why the fuck is bleier still in this bullpen!? Get rid of that clown already.
  19. I would assume you’ll see Edward in simulated games within the next couple weeks then he’ll head to the alternate Site until he’s ready (which will be after the cutoff date lol) as for Elieser and Sixto I’m not sure. Sixto is a shoulder injury which is very temperamental and should be taken much slower to let the inflammation heal completely. And Elieser has potential but the dude is constantly injured with something so who knows.
  20. Get rid of this dude immediately!
  21. No clue, but it ain’t working!
  22. They need a better plan than “hit it to right field” cause the slugging is non existent and they can’t do anything with fastballs on the inside part of the plate cause they’re way behind on them. Rowson just wants to see them flip bloopers the other way like it’s 1976. And you can see that it’s affected BA more than anyone else cause he’s late on every fastball down the middle.
  23. The second ball Aggy hit to right center should have gone out. I was sitting right there in section 36 and it was heading right toward me and then just stopped and faded right. I generally trust stats over opinion but having been there to see it, these balls had that hard backspin you see in no doubters and then they would just fade like they got it off the end of the bat but they didnt 🤷🏻‍♂️
  24. Actually I was there and the wind was nuts. Even in batting practice we were remarking on how these balls looked like they’re we’re going to the upper deck then all of a sudden just did a sharp 90 degree drop. With that said, it works both ways. Yadi’s double would have been gone otherwise
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